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  • Karen B. says:

    I’m writing this as a friend and client of Sherie’s. She’s a professional in her field, and I always look forward to her wonderful treatments.
    When I read the other recommendations, and so many wrote about her clean workroom, I decided to write about this in more detail. Sherie spends much time and effort cleaning her room. She washes the stones between her clients apps., changes all towels and sheets for every treatment, and sterlizes the headrest (I wouldn’t want to put my face there if it wasn’t cleaned).
    I’m a health professional myself and know the dangers of unclean surfaces and equipment. I respect her and thank her for making it a priority in her workroom.
    Looking forward to my next treatment !!!!!!!

  • Marisa says:

    After a week of touring the country I went to get a massage. I was really impressed with the professionalism, cleanliness and quality of my experience. My massage was the exactly what my body needed. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Couldnt thank Sherie enough. Made my whole trip! I would highly recommend this spa.

  • Judy A. says:

    Sherie’s hands can do wonders.
    Came out of the treatment feeling great!
    I highly recommend a visit to Rosh Pina Spa, it makes the vacation complete.

  • Hadas B. says:

    I highly recommend Sherie’s professional massage.
    It feels great and she is truly devoted to the treatments she gives.
    What a wonderful experience!

  • Sarit C. says:

    I came to Sherie hurting physical and emotional.
    The atmosphere, her hands, her caring, the warmth, the empathy and support along side her professional job, had me feeling great, full of strengh and hope.
    Thank you very much my dear!

  • Bat-Chen says:

    Thank you for the pampering and relaxing treatment.
    The warmth, the patience and devotion you put into your work is amazing.
    I enjoyed every moment…see you again soon.
    I highly recommend!
    Thanks Sherie

  • Yoni M. says:

    I highly recommend!
    Enjoyed the treatment very much.
    Very professional and she pays attention to every little detail.
    Thanks Sherie for a wonderful massage

  • Lea B. says:

    Dear Sherie,
    One of the reasons I miss the north is you.
    When you talk about the beauty of the Galilee, then you are a big part of it, with your inviting little spa.
    The warmth of your hands (and not beacuse of the hot oil), the amazing energy you transfer, your devotion, professional massage, aroma and relaxing music all comes together to be a perfect experience.
    Not for nothing you were the only masseuse I wanted to worked with at my hotel and my clients could confirm that, since they wouldn’t accept anyone else but you.
    I came back this week after a long time I haven’t visited and got a chance to enjoy a wonderful treatment. You are just like wine, as you keep on getting better.
    Love you Sherie,

  • Margo says:

    I came back to my favorite place for vacation in Rosh Pina. I recieved once again the best massage there is.
    The most professional Masseuse I know.
    Perfect hands, the perfect atmosphere, the room is clean, and it was just what I needed in order to relax from the stress of the war.
    Sherie, I love you and the work you do.
    God bless you!

  • Chana M. says:

    I had an amazing treatment at Sherie’s spa.
    Very professional, relaxing and most of all – helpful.
    You got the magic touch,
    Thank you Sherie

  • Dafna B. says:

    I had an amazing experience with the massage I got in the spa.
    Words cannot express how amazing the treatment was, the perfect atmosphere and the great feeling after.
    Thanks Sherie!

  • Rina V. says:

    Dear Sherie, thank you so much for the relaxing and very professional massage.
    I enjoyed every moment and didn’t want it to end.
    Thanks for the cooperation with my daughters…it was a pleasant surprise!

  • Hagar S. says:

    My boyfriend and I came to recieve a couple’s treatment for his birthday….We came into the room, the beds were ready, relaxing music was playing and the canddles and the lighting gave a romantic feeling.
    We got on the beds and from then on I had the most relaxing hour of my life.
    Sherie treated me outstandingly the whole time.
    Hot stones and amazing hands made sure I didn’t have any stiff muscles.
    I felt like was reborn! Extcellent massage, massuse and atmosphere.
    Highly recommend!

  • Daya B. says:

    I have known Sherie for many years now and I enjoy her treatments every single time!
    The last treatment I recieved fro her, I had to check if she has 7 hands, since it certainly felt like it.
    Her treatments can help with Stiff muscles (Hot stones massage is recommended) and also can be a very gentle and relaxing massage.
    The spa is very inviting. Sherie always makes sure there are hot towels to keep the body nice and warm.
    I highly recommend, if you are visiting or even local!!

  • Gal E. says:

    Thank you Sherie for the amazing experience my boyfriend and I had in your spa.
    We enjoyed it very much!
    The way you treated us and how professional you are, definitely makes us want to come back again!

  • Adi E. says:

    Sherie Sherie Sherie…one of the most amazing masseuses alive! She is very professional and devoted!!
    The spa is extremely clean and sterile.
    The best treatment we ever received. You are the best Sherie!
    Keep up the good work and thanks again 🙂

  • Miriam says:

    Thanks Sherie for the pampering and relaxing massage. It really added to my enjoyment of my stay in Rosh Pina.
    Sherie’s treatment was intuitive and gentle and professional. I highly recommend.

  • Tammy says:

    I am pleased to warmly recommend Sherie Kalo’s spa. Sherie is extremely professional and caring – the perfect combination when you really want you relax and fully enjoy a treatment. She has designed a beautiful, quiet space – the experience begins from the moment you walk in. Over the years, Sherie has continued to study, learning new techniques and expanding her knowledge – all for the benefit of her clients. Whether you live in the area or just visiting, make some time for this treat!

  • Meirav G. says:

    On my last birthday, I had the pleasure to get a treatment in Sherie’s beautiful spa.
    I highly recommend to whoever wants (or his body tells him he needs) to order and get a treatment by this wonderful woman with the amazing hands and energy.
    I came out of the treatment glowing and feeling great!!!

  • Nava S. says:

    Sherie is a well-known masseuse, who has been in the business for many years now.
    She has a variety of treatments she offers.
    As a customer of Sherie’s, I have experienced her clean room and perfect atmosphere, for many times.
    Other than the fact she is a wonderful and compassionate woman, she can also “feel” the person being treated by her and can follow the person’s heart during the treatment.
    I truly recommend trying this wonderful and relaxing experience.

  • Israela says:

    An hour with Sherie, a professional and wonderful masseuse full of positive energy, is amazing!
    The nice atmosphere and the clean room, help me enjoy even more, up to a point I didn’t want to leave the bed.
    The massage was done with perfect scented oils.
    She was able to bring me back to life! Thanks again Sherie!
    Give yourself a present. But be careful!! you can get addicted to it 🙂
    I recommend with all my heart!

  • Aya S. says:

    When you enter her room, you feel like you would like to move in.
    The aroma, the harmonic colors, the atmosphere, the clean room, the relaxing music…It all brings you to a perfect relaxation mode, which helps release every physical and mental problem you come in with.
    Sherie is a very essential and professional masseuse, from the smallest toe in the leg, up to the top of the head.
    Amazing hands, great understanding of the body and soul.
    Have been treated by Sherie for 20 years now, for every birthday and always a pleasure!
    You have to order and try!

  • Mor H. says:

    Very relaxing and pampering treatment for the body and soul.
    Sherie is a very professional masseuse, who does her job with all her heart.
    I highly recommend to try!!!

  • Naomi Y. says:

    Sherie, sweet like a cherry.
    Emphatic and professional masseuse. Her touch can bring you to total relaxation.
    Came out of the treatment full of energy and strength.

  • Lili H. says:

    Have been coming for treatments to Sherie’s spa from the time she opened it.
    Always a pleasure!! She is a wonderful Masseuse and person.
    Highly recommended!!

  • Amalia says:

    Sherie, you are the greatest!
    Every time I feel stiff and in pain, I come to get treated by you, and you are able to get me back on my feet and feeling good.
    As a professional therapist myself, I appreciate the attention you give to every little detail.
    Your spa is always comfortable, hot and clean.
    You are amazing and very professional.
    Thanks Sherie!!

  • Hadasa B. says:

    When I entered the spa and saw through the window the beautiful view, which included the olive trees and many colorful flowers, I already felt like it was perfect.
    Her treatments are very professional. Her hands can detect every muscle in the body and at the same time can be very pampering. It’s a great experience.
    Thanks Sherie!!

  • Dafna G. says:

    The spa is very aesthetic, cozy, relaxing and has a great atmosphere.
    Sherie is a great masseuse, very professional and has a variety of treatments she can do very well.
    Every treatment provides a refreshing and renewal feeling for the body and soul.
    I enjoyed her personal and pampering treatments very much!

  • Lydia V. says:

    Along the years I had the pleasure of relaxing and being healed by a variety of treatments Sherie’s spa has to offer.
    Her treatments are very special and always given with lots of care, devotion,professional and in the perfect atmosphere.
    Sherie’s spa is beautiful and I feel like it’s been a shelter for me to escape from everything.
    It’s a place I don’t only recommend, but I think you have to try! It’s a really special experience

  • Orit W. says:

    I know Sherie for many years now and I get treated only in her spa. I live in the center and make sure to visit every once in a while and order a massage from her.
    The feeling during and after the treatment is just amazing! Every thing feels good. professional in every way.
    Her spa is always clean and provides a relaxing atmosphere. Gives attention to every detail.
    I can’t wait for the next treatment every time I leave Rosh Pinna. It fills me up just thinking about it.
    I recommend with all my heart to order a massage in Sherie’s spa for your body and soul too!

  • Judi says:

    Sherie’s spa has it all: great location, great atmosphere, clean air, beautiful view and a perfect touch, which gives your body and soul and feeling of renewal.

  • Yardena H. says:

    I have been a customer of Sherie’s for many years now.
    Her treatments are amazing and there is an emphasis on every little detail.
    Very professional and an excellent masseuse!
    The spa gives you a relaxing and an integrity feeling.
    Highly recommended!!!

  • Danielle K. says:

    The most amazing masseuse I have ever met! Very professional.
    A treatment in her spa is the most pampering thing you can experience.
    Every treatment feels like a gift!!

  • Anat Z. says:

    Having a treatment at Sherie’s spa is something special.
    The spa, the atmosphere and the attention she gives for every little detail is just amazing.
    Her treatments are very professional and extraordinary.
    I strongly recommend a treatment in her spa!!!

  • Eli F. says:

    An outstanding masseuse!! Had a great treatment and enjoy it every time I visit.
    Sherie does a great job and it’s a real pleasure to be treated by her!!!

  • Margalit P. says:

    Sherie is a truly devoted masseuse. She combines a variety of treatments that helps heal and feels good.
    Very professional and personal in each treatment she gives.
    Her treatments helped healing a problem I had in my hands in just a couple sessions.
    Every time I go up north, I order a treatment in her spa.
    Her spa is always nice and clean. I feel very relaxed from the music and the massage.
    Always a pleasure to come for a treatment.
    God bless you Sherie!!!

  • Gal Kalo says:

    I am Sherie’s son and I can definitely say I was blessed to grow up and enjoy the treatments all these years she has been a masseuse. I recommend to try the variety of treatments that are offered in the spa. Gives you a healthy feeling and relaxing. I promise you will enjoy!

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